Eat, cook, travel and being creative- these are four of our favourite things to do. We have known each other for more than 15 years and we always loved to cook and craft together. After collecting more and more ideas for a blog, we created Spiffing Ideas in 2014.

Carole has worked three years in the Luxembourg cultural sector as a project manager before moving to New Zealand in 2018. As a communication professional, she is passionate about social media and addicted to Instagram. Cooking a delicious meal after a round of jogging – that’s the motto after an exhausting day at work. With a nice glass of wine of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ Furthermore, Carole’s Wanderlust is never exhausted. She has been to 23 countries and her to-visit list is still quite long. 

Thessy holds a Master Degree in Business Psychology and works in Luxembourg. During her studies, she lived in Cologne, the ‘city of carnival’.  Thessy loves to be creative and always has new ideas for DIY projects. She loves to sew, to decorate and to try new crafts techniques. She also has a great passion for cooking and baking.


โ€œSpiffingโ€ can also mean excellent or splendid. In search for the right name for our blog, we found this word would be absolutely suitably because we write about creative, savoury and adventurous ideas that are hopefully as spiffing for you as for us. 

Cheers, Carole & Thessy